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  • Accessibility Features in the Media Player

    The Platform’s HTML5 Media Player provides a number of user-end options to increase accessibility, including customizable Caption Settings and Audio Descriptions. Keyboard shortcuts are available, and the Player is fully screen reader compatible.

    When available, Audio Descriptions may be accessed through the Play bar or the Settings wheel.

    Accessing Caption Settings

    1. Click on the Settings wheel.
    2. Choose Caption Setting and select Option.

    Making Caption Bar Selections

    1. Make selections for font color, family and background color.
    2. Use the sliders to choose size, opacity and background opacity for increased readability.
    3. Click Caption Preview to confirm that you are happy with the Caption Settings.
    4. Turn closed captions on and off using the CC button.

    Available Caption Setting options may be adjusted in the Admin Panel’s Branding tab.

    Using Keyboard Shortcuts

    1. Click on the Sidebar icon to open the Sidebar.
    2. Choose Shortcuts.
    3. Review and use the available Shortcuts.

    You may also use the Tab key to move from one point on the Play bar to another.