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  • Accessibility Features of the HTML5 Media Player

    The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform’s Media Player offers several accessibility options to meet both user and organizational needs.

    Adding Captioning

    There are two different options available for closed captioning through the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform. The Platform offers fully-integrated auto-captioning, as well as human captioning through external services. Auto-captioning may be edited using the Video Editor for increased accuracy.

    • Navigate to the desired video in the Media Library. Click on the media and choose More….
    • Click on Accessibility.  Captioning options include the ability to add both auto-captions and human captions; you may also upload your own .srt caption file and download any associated captions. Captions may be uploaded in a variety of different languages.

    Using Closed Captioning

    Closed captioning can be turned on or off by the user in the Media Player. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform supports multiple potential captions for a single file. You can select the appropriate language from the player.

    • Toggle the Closed Captions on and off using the Closed Captioning (CC) button on the Media Player.
    • Select the desired language for captioning by choosing the Settings wheel, then CC Language. If multiple languages are available, they will be listed there.

    Using Audio Descriptions

    Audio Descriptions provide a secondary audio track to provide additional information about visual material presented on screen.

      • Click on the Settings wheel in the Media Player.
      • Choose Audio Description.

    Navigating with the Keyboard

    The Media Player offers a range of keyboard shortcuts and options for increased accessibility for users.

    • Use the Enter key in lieu of the on-screen Play button.
    • Navigate the features of the Media Player by using the Tab key to move from feature-to-feature. The feature will be highlighted by a highlight tab color; this makes it easy to see where you are. Click Enter to access the highlighted feature. Here, you can see the highlight color is bright blue.
    • The Arrow keys may be used to increase or lower the video volume.

    Using Keyboard Shortcuts

    Keyboard Shortcuts enable users to navigate and use the features of the Media Player simply by pushing a few keys.

    • Open the Sidebar by clicking Open Sidebar under the minimized Sidebar, or by choosing the Sidebar button on the control bar.
    • Choose Shortcuts to open the Keyboard Shortcuts panel. This provides a list of Keyboard Shortcuts; however, the panel does not need to be opened to use the Shortcuts. These are single-key options; there is no need to press multiple keys.