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  • Accessing Saved Video Quizzes

    Saved Video Quizzes are accessible to Content Creators. They can be edited or posted once saved, or shared through Direct or Embed Links. 

    Posting Saved Quizzes

    If you have prepared Quizzes in advance, you will need to access them through Quizzes in the Media Details pane to edit, post, or delete.

    1. Mouse over the media in Manage Media. Choose More… and select Quizzes.
    2. Choose the desired Quiz. Use the Search interface to find the desired Quiz if needed.
    3. Click Edit. Editing Quizzes can work in two different ways. Unposted Quizzes simply open for editing or posting. Published Quizzes are copied to a new draft for editing, and can then be re-posted.
    4. Click Publish to publish a Quiz or to change publication dates.
    5. Select Delete to delete a Quiz.

    Using Direct and Embed Links

    Direct and Embed Links allow you to send a link to the Quiz outside of the Platform. Do note that the results will not be added to the Gradebook when Quizzes are accessed in this way, as access is anonymous

    1. Select the arrow located below the desired Quiz. This expands the options available, and brings up the Direct and Embed Links.
    2. Copy and paste the desired link to enable access outside of the Platform.