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  • Accessing the User List

    The Video Conferencing User List provides access to a list of meeting Attendees and Presenters. 

    Accessing and Using the User List

    The User List provides a list of all individuals attending the Video Conference, including Attendees, Limited Presenters, Presenters, and the Owner. 

    1. Select Participants at the top of the screen.
    2. Review the User List as needed. Use the Filter feature to select a specific group of individuals by Role.

    Changing Roles

    Roles allow the meeting Owner, who started the Video Conference, to assign privileges to users. Roles include Attendee, Limited Presenter, Presenter, and Owner.

    1. Open Participantsfrom the top of the screen.
    2. Click on the individual’s name in the Participant List.
      • Attendees have access to text-chat features.
      • Limited Presenters have microphone and video access.
      • Presenters have the ability to speak on the microphone, and to use all presentation tools in the Video Conference. They do not control classroom management tools.
      • Owners have control of and use of all aspects of the Video Conference.
    3. Select the desired Role from the drop down.

    Setting Default Roles

    Meeting Owners may manage Roles. Default Roles are automatically assigned to all participants, but can be dynamically changed during the Video Conference if desired.

    1. Click on Manage Roles in the Participant List. Select the desired Default Role from the dropdown box.
    2. Click Confirm.