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  • Adding an Audio Description

    Audio Descriptions are narrations designed to support students or users who are blind or visually impaired. These provide a description of visual content on the screen and are a secondary audio track.

    Adding an Audio Description

    An Audio Description may be uploaded and added to media content.

    • Navigate to the desired video in the Media Library.
    • Click on the desired media and choose More…
    • Choose Accessibility from the Media Details pane.
    • Select Upload. Choose Audio Description.
    • Upload an MP3 file containing your Audio Description.

    Accessing Audio Descriptions

    Audio Descriptions are accessible to users from the HTML5 Media Player. The ability to toggle audio streams is only available when the video contains an Audio Description.

    • Navigate to the desired video in the Media Channels or Media Library.
    • Play the video.
    • Choose Settings and Audio Description to toggle the audio tracks.