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  • Adding Telestrations in the Video Editor

    Telestrations allow you to draw directly on media within the Platform’s Video Editor

    Accessing the Video Editor

    All Video Editor features are available through the Video Editor interface for uploaded and captured content.

    1. Navigate to Manage Media at the top of the screen. Select the desired media within My Media.
    2. Mouse over the video. Choose Edit from the menu in the upper right of the thumbnail.

    Using Telestrations

    Use Telestrations to highlight key points in media, underline, add arrows, or emphasize important information.

    1. Click on the Telestrations icon in the Tools menu. It looks like a pencil.
    2. Choose the desired color. You can select one or enter a HEX code for the color.
    3. Click Create New. Begin drawing on your media at the desired point in the file.
    4. Select Clear to start over.
    5. Choose Save Overlay to keep your Telestration.

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