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  • Assigning Roles in the Roster

    Assigning roles allows you to assign permissions to an individual and determines how they function within the Platform. The IT manager can assign and manage roles within the Platform. Role assignment is typically a function of LTI-integration with your LMS, but may also be handled manually, or changed as needed. In addition, a Lock UserType function is available to prevent the LMS from transmitting a different role assignment.

    Making Role Assignments

    Role assignments can be made through the Roster.

    1. Navigate to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu.
    2. Select Roster from the left-side menu.
    3. Choose the desired user, using the Search User box if desired.
    4. Click on User Type and select the desired user role from the dropdown menu.
      Student or User
      or Content Owner
      IT Manager
      or Administrator
    5. Select the checkbox to save your change, or the X to cancel.
    6. Choose to Lock UserType to prevent the LMS from changing the assigned User Type. 

    While the IT Manager role is universal, user and content owner roles are superseded by individual course- or group-level permissions (typically provided by the LMS). For instance, a graduate student might have an instructor role for one course, but a student role for another.

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