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  • Attending a Video Classroom

    YuJa’s Video Classroom lets you engage with your instructor and classmates in real-time, in small or large groups.

    • A Small Group Meeting has fewer than six participants.
    • A Large Group Meeting has more than six participants, and can have up to 200.

    Attending the Video Classroom

    You can access the Video Classroom to attend a class in two different ways.

    • Click on the link sent by email. This will take you directly to the Video Classroom.
    • Log into YuJa and click on the blinking notification icon at the upper right.
    • Allow YuJa access to your camera and microphone if you wish to be seen and speak.


    Using the Video Classroom Tools

    If you’re attending a Small Group meeting of less than six people, you’ll have access to all of the Video Classroom tools.

    • Use the Whiteboard to draw diagrams or make notes.
    • Share a file with others in the meeting through the Document Share feature.
    • Click to link and play a YouTube video with Video Sharing.
    • Access Desktop Sharing to share the contents of your computer screen.


    Raising your Hand and Asking a Question

    In a Large Group meeting, you won’t have access to the Video Classroom tools, but you can, with the instructor’s permission, access your own microphone to speak.

    • Select Click to Raise your Hand.
    • Speak into your microphone when allowed permission by the instructor.
    • Lower your hand by clicking on Click to Lower your Hand.


    Using the Text-based Chat

    If you don’t have a microphone or webcam available, you can still participate in the Video Classroom using the text-based chat feature.

    • Click on the Chat icon on the left-hand side of the screen.
    • Type your message in the chat window and hit Enter to post.