Auto-Captioning Overview

YuJa Auto-captioning creates a word-by-word searchable transcript of your lecture capture or ingested media content. While YuJa offers excellent quality automated captioning, external captioning services are also available for increased accuracy. In addition, you can choose to download and edit YuJa’s auto-captions manually, if desired.

Setting Options for Auto-captioning

YuJa Auto-captioning is an automated process, and is enabled for all YuJa lecture captures. When captioning is complete and available on a lecture capture, the information about the video will include that under Caption Status on the Details page.

Adding Auto-captioning to Ingested Media

YuJa’s Auto-captioning can also be applied to ingested or uploaded media content. This provides a number of advantages for instructors and students, including improved accessibility, searchability and Semantic Topic Analysis.

  • Upload your desired video to the Media Library by selecting Upload at the top of your screen.
  • Navigate to the video, or drag and drop the video, and begin the upload process.
  • Select Add Captions from the Add Media box below the title and description.
  • Choose whether to add Auto Caption or Human Captions. Click Save.
  • Click Add Media when the upload completes to add the video to your Media Library. YuJa will handle the auto-captioning without further actions from the user.

Editing Auto-captions in the Video Editor

The Video Editor allows you to edit a variety of aspects of a YuJa lecture capture, including the auto-captioning.

  • Select the desired YuJa lecture capture video from the Media Library.
  • Mouse over the video in the Media Library. Click on the Settings wheel and choose Details.
  • Choose Video Editor from the horizontal menu options on your screen.
  • Click the Table of Contents button on the lower right of the Video Editor. A pane will open up on the right side of your screen that includes the auto-captions for your video.
  • Edit the captions as desired by selecting the Edit icon of a pencil next to each caption. You can delete captions by choosing the Delete icon.
  • Click Add Caption to add a new caption to your file at the desired point in the video. You can type in your caption, and select a length of time to display the caption.
  • Save your edited file. The YuJa Video Editor is completely non-destructive and will save your file under a new name, typically your file name_edit.


Editing Auto-captions by Downloading Caption Files

YuJa allows users to edit auto-captioning. The method below is essential for ingested media, but can also be used for YuJa Software Station and Hardware Hub captures, if desired. As noted above, access to Captioning options depends upon Institutional Permissions.

  • Select the desired video from the Media Library.
  • Mouse over the video in the Media Library. Click on the Settings wheel and choose Details.
  • Choose Accessibility from the horizontal menu. Select Manage Captions and choose Download.
  • Open the .srt file using a text editor, like Notepad. Make any desired edits to the text. Save your file as a .srt.
  • Select Upload Captions and upload your edited file. You will need to allow it to overwrite existing captions.