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  • Branding and Customization

    Branding allows organizations to make visual changes to the Video Platform, including color, logo and image. You may also make specific Theme selections for the Media Player. Branding settings are available to Administrators from the Admin Panel’s Branding tab.

    Selecting Colors for the Video Platform

    Customize the Video Platform experience using Branding tools to select colors throughout the Video Platform. All colors should be entered using the HTML color code.

    1. Navigate to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu. Choose Branding.
    2. Enter the desired colors for individual parts of the Video Platform’s interface, including the Nav Bar, Media Player, and Dashboard Top Bar. 

    Match the colors you use in the Video Platform to those used by your organization.

    Choosing Branding Options

    Headers and footers allow you to maintain consistent branding and marketing across your organization.

    1. Incorporate desired Footer Content in the Platform Footer box. You may also set up a Login Page Footer if desired.
    2. Copy and paste Analytics code into the Analytics Integration box.
    3. Select the desired Date Format.
    4. To complete all changes, click Save at the bottom of the Branding tab.

    Creating Media Player Options

    Below are the steps to access the primary Media Player Theme Settings under the Admin Panel. All colors should be entered using the HTML color code.

    1. Choose the Create New button under the Media Player Theme Settings.
    2. Make selections for the Media Player Theme using for the Primary and Secondary Buttons, Setting Menu, Setting Text, and Play Bar Style.
    3. Select Save.

    Adding Logo Placements

    The Video Platform may also be branded with individual logos. Individual logo placements can be chosen through the Branding page.

    1. Choose individual logos for various placements.
    2. Upload a small non-transparent and small transparent logo. These should be 300 x 90 pixels.
    3. Upload a large non-transparent and large transparent logo. These should be 300 x 124 pixels.
    4. Click Save to save the logo placements.

    Choosing Login Methods

    Organizations may choose a default login method. Other login methods are available to users.

    1. Select YuJa login to login using YuJa Credentials.
    2. Choose SSO login to default to Single-Sign-On.
    3. Click Save to save your selections.

    Setting a Login Background

    The Login Background completes the Video Platform Branding.

    1. Upload a Login Background image.
    2. Click Save.

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