Browser Capture Overview

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Browser Capture offers a simple way for all users to produce a capture video, using a variety of different capture tools. Browser Capture does not require additional hardware or software downloads. It works directly in your internet browser.

Navigating to Browser Capture

Browser Capture offers a web-based capture tool, complete with access to Video Sharing.

  • Click on Create Recording from the top of the screen.

Starting Browser Capture

  • Select Browser Capture from the Capture & Live Stream interface.
  • Choose the desired option for capture tools; you may opt for Video, Whiteboard, or Document.

Accessing YuJa Browser Capture through the Real-time Feed

You can also access YuJa Browser Capture directly through the Real-time Feed.

  • Open the Post or Reply form from the Real-time Feed.
  • Enter a title and choose the desired class.
  • Select Video from the options available along the bottom of the Post or Reply form.
  • Choose Record to open the Browser Capture interface.