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  • Changing and Uploading Thumbnail Images

    Thumbnails may be selected or uploaded for all types of content, including video, audio, and documents of all types.

    Changing Thumbnails

    Thumbnails are accessed via the Media Details pane, available through the Media Library.

    • Navigate to the Media Library from Manage Media at the top of the screen.
    • Locate the desired content in the My Media. Mouse over the content and select More...
    • Choose Thumbnails. You will see a number of Thumbnail options available.
    • Click the circle next to the desired Thumbnail.
    • Save your selection.

    Uploading a Thumbnail

    Uploading a custom Thumbnail allows organizations to upload and use a Thumbnail of their choosing.

    • Navigate to Thumbnails as described above.
    • Choose Upload Custom Thumbnail.
    • Click Add to Thumbnails.
    • Select the newly added Thumbnail and Save your selections.