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  • Changing the Student LTI Visibility Within Canvas

    As an organization, Administrators and instructors can control who has access to the YuJa LTI tool on the Canvas navigation bar. The below workflow summarizes the steps to customize your integration, so the tool is not visible to students within the Canvas Course.

    Installing the LTI tool

    1. You will want to follow steps 1-3 under Section 2 of the guide here.
    2. Under the configuration type, choose Paste XML. Then enter the following information:
      • Name: YuJa
      • Consumer Key: Provided by your Customer Success Manager
      • Shared Secret: Provided by your Customer Success Manager
    3. Use the XML by typing in the following string into a new browser window where <your-organization> is your zone prefix.
    4. https://<your-organization>.yuja.com/P/LTI/Canvas/CanvasConfig.xml


    Changing the Above XML Code to Hide the LTI Tool for Students

    1. Copy all the contents of the XML code and paste to either a blank Word or Text file.
    2. At the 48th line of the XML code, change the following line from <lticm:property name=”visibility”>members</lticm:property> to <lticm:property name=”visibility”>admins</lticm:property>.
    3. Once done, paste the following string which will hide the YuJa LTI for all users not listed as an Admin/Teacher/TA/Designer.
    4. Once the above string is added, copy all of the contents and paste into Canvas along with the Consumer Key and Shared Secret referenced in Section 1 above.

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