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  • Configuring the Media Player

    Organizations may configure the Media Player by choosing options available on the secondary Media Player menu, as well as controls shown on the Play Bar. Media Player configuration is available on the Admin Panel’s Branding tab.

    Accessing Configuration Options

    Configuration options are accessible through the Branding tab. You will need to be logged in as an IT Manager.

    • Navigate to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu.
    • Select Branding.
    • Scroll to the HTML5 Media Player section.

    Customizing the Media Player

    Media Player configuration allows organizations to select options available to users on the secondary Media Player menu and on the Play Bar.  Configuration of the Media Player will impact all users in the Platform.

    • Click on Configure. You will see three sections in the Configure Settings popup window. These are Current Play Bar Items, Current Menu Items, and Available Items. 
    • Choose the Up and Down arrows to on the left-side to rearrange the order of menu items in the Current Play Bar Items and Current Menu Items.
    • Click the Minus button to remove an item from the menu.
    • Select Plus on the Available items menu to add additional items.  Choose whether to add to the Settings Menu or the Play Bar. Items will only appear in the Available menu if they have been removed from the menu.
    • Click Apply to save your changes.