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  • Content Analytics

    Content Analytics provides information about individual media files and user interactions with those files, including an overall summary and specific information about views, browsers, operating systems, and a segment-by-segment breakdown of media content viewing patterns.

    Accessing Content Analytics

    Content Analytics are part of the Usage & Analytics tools.

    1. Access Content Analytics by going to Usage & Analytics from the YuJa Main Menu. Choose Content from the left-side menu.

    Reviewing Content Analytics

    You may review Content Analytics on a video-by-video basis.

    1. Select the desired group or sub-group from the drop down menu.
    2. Review the Summary page for information on storage, views, viewing patterns and Hot Spots.
    3. Look at Playback for individual user viewing behavior information.
    4. Look at Sessions for information about specific viewing sessions, including browser and media plugins.
    5. Access Bandwidth for information on bandwidth usage on a month-by-month basis
    6. View Technology to gain insights into browsers and operating systems.
    7. Review Segment Views to better understand video views on a segment-by-segment basis.
    8. Access Session Dates for information on date-by-date viewing.
    9. Click on Download to download information about media content presented in Content Analytics. 
    10. Select Clear Analytics to clear and remove all information in the Content view for a particular video.  When a confirmation window pops up, click on Clear to remove analytics information or Cancel to stop the clear operation.