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  • Copying Content through Use of Blackboard Course Copy

    This document provides instructions on how to complete Course Copy in Blackboard while keeping YuJa contents within Assignments, Announcements, etc.

    Initiating Course Copy within Blackboard

    Copying course materials into a new course creates a course in the system and populates it with content from a course already in the system.

    • From the My Organization dashboard, click on your course to expand the list of available tools.

    • Once the course Home Page is open, find the Package and Utilities management tool, and choose the Course Copy.

    • Make sure the Select Copy Type specifies Copy Course Materials into a New Course.
    • Input a unique Destination Course ID for the newly copied course.

    • Under Select Course Materials, select all folders where YuJa content is embedded from the old course.
    • Under File Attachments, choose Copy links and copies of the content.
    • Click Submit
    • Now your newly copied Blackboard course is created to contain the YuJa LTI link, Media Chooser, and Assignments containing the previously embedded YuJa content.

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