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  • Copying content through use of D2L/Brightspace Course Copy

    This document provides instructions on how to complete Course Copy in D2L while keeping YuJa contents embedded in Assignments, Announcements, and Content modules. The steps below are based on the assumption that the succeeding (child) courses have been created in D2L, and will be formatted according to a master template.

    Initiating Course Copy within D2L

    Below are the steps to initiate the package export within the master D2L course.

    1. Once the succeeding course is created, click on the Course Administration button from the navbar.
    2. Within the Course Administration menu, select the Import / Export / Copy Components.
    3. Select the radio button titled Copy Components from another Org Unit. Then click on the button labeled Search for offering.
    4. In the popup window, search for the master course template either by Offering Name, Code, or Path.
    5. Once the master template is selected, click on the button at the bottom of the page labeled Copy All Components.



    Once the copy is completed, all videos, video quizzes, and documents embedded from YuJa will be copied to the new course folders.