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  • Copying Course Content in Moodle

    Content in the Platform may be copied directly through the Moodle LMS.

    Backing up the Course Content

    • Go to your Moodle site with the course that has the content you wish to copy.
    • Go to Admin block, click on Backup.

    • Use the check boxes beside the list of resources/activities you wish to include in the backup. Use the ALL/NONE links at the top for a mass selection. Select User Data NONE to copy only the content without the student information. Then hit Next.

    • On the Schema Settings, select what you would like to be in included as part of your backup – Once you have done that, hit Next.

    • Confirm and review your selected backup options and select Perform Backup.

    • Select Continue.

    Copying into a New Course

    • From your Activity Backup Area select Restore for your desired course.

    • Review and select Continue.
    • Choose which course to copy your content into and select Continue.

    • Choose what you would like to publish to your new course and select Next.

    • Under Schema – Select Next.
    • Review Backup settings and select Perform restore.
    • Confirm and Select Continue.


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