Courses and Groups Overview

Courses and Groups provides tools for course management. Administrators and instructors can see course members, review invitations, and issue course invitations, as well as edit course details. Most institutions will use LTI-integration to propagate course and user information.

The Courses and Groups Page

The Courses and Groups page includes a generously sized left-side menu listing all courses available to the user; for administrators, this is all courses in the institution. For instructors, it is only their own courses.

When a course is opened, basic information about the course appears, including Group Owners, Group Members, and Users Invited. In addition, users may see the course Identifier and Organization.


Add Group

The Add Group button, located near the top of the page, enables instructors and administrators to create a new YuJa course. This is only necessary when institutions are not using LTI-integration to propagate user and course information.


Invite Members

To invite new members to a course, simply choose the course in the left-side menu and select Invite. Members can be invited one-by-one, or by uploading a .csv spreadsheet.



The Edit button allows access to basic course information, including the Class Name, Course Code, Course Term/Section, Who Can Join, and whether or not students have publishing rights in the course.