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  • Create New User

    The Roster enables administrators to create new users. While users will most often be populated through LTI-integration or roster upload, you can create individual users as needed.

    Accessing the Roster

    The Roster is accessed through the IT Manager-accessible Institution Settings.

    • Navigate to the Admin Panel.
    • Mouse over the left-side menu to expand it and choose Roster.

    Create New User

    The Create User option allows you to add a new user and set the user role. To create multiple users, you may opt for Upload Roster, rather than Create User.

    • Click on Create User at the upper right of the Roster.
    • Fill in the each of the blanks, including the User ID and password.
    • Click on the User Type and select the correct user type from the dropdown box.
    • Select Confirm to complete the creation of a new user.



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