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  • Creating a Clip in the Media Player

    A link sharing a Video Clip or Segment may be produced directly from the Media Player. Security settings apply to these Clips and Segments, as they do to all media content.

    Creating a Clip

    Video Clips enable you to send a portion of a video, beginning from a chosen start point and extending to the end of the media content.

    1. Navigate to the desired video from Manage Media.
    2. Click Play to open the video in the Media Player.
    3. Select the Settings wheel. Choose Create Clip.
    4. Choose whether to create a Clip or a Segment.  A Clip begins playing at the current time shown and plays to the end of the video. A Segment has a defined start and end point.
    5. Click Copy Link to copy the URL for the Video Clip or Segment. Paste the URL into a text editor or browser to access the Clip. 


    Enabling Viewer Clip and Segment Creation

    The ability to create Clips and Segments must be enabled by the content owner. This is accessible through the Details screen.

    1. Select the desired video in Manage Media.
    2. Choose More from the menu in the upper-right corner of the thumbnail.
    3. Select Links. 
    4. Click Enable on Allow Viewers to Create Sub-clip.


    Adding Creating a Clip to the Settings Menu

    As with other options in the Media Player, an Administrator will need to add the Create Clip option to the Settings menu.

    1. Navigate to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu.
    2. Choose Branding.
    3. Click on Configure. If Create Clip is shown in Current Menu Items, no further action is needed.
    4. Click on the Add symbol next to Create Clip in the Available Items list.
    5. Select Save.