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  • Creating a Default Retention Period on YuJa Software Capture for PC

    Administrators can easily set a default retention period for the Software Capture for PC application to maintain a copy of the recorded lecture on the computer as a backup to the Video Platform.

    Creating a Custom Retention Period for PC

    A custom retention period can provide local access to backup recordings.

    1. Open the Settings within the YuJa Software Capture menu.
    2. Once the Settings menu is open, select the System Settings tab.
    3. Under the section labeled Days to keep recordings on this computer (used for troubleshooting issues), specify the preferred number of days to keep all recorded lectures on the computer.

    Accessing the Local Recordings on PC

    Local recordings are stored for the designated period of time in the Software Capture for PC application folder.

    1. Open a new Windows Explorer menu, then go to This PC
    2. Go to the location where the YuJa Software Capture for PC application is installed, the default location is Local Disc (C:)/Program Files (x86)/YuJa/YuJa Software Capture.
    3. Choose the Videos folder to access local recordings.

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