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  • Creating a One-time or Recurring Schedule for Software or Appliance Capture

    The Device Scheduler automates the recording process for Software Capture and Appliance Capture. With device scheduling, recording becomes a hands-off process. The scheduling workflow is only available to IT Managers.

    Accessing the Device Scheduler

    The Device Scheduler is available through the Admin Panel.

    1. Navigate to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu.
    2. Choose Devices from the left-side menu.
    3. Select the desired Device. Clicking on the Device will bring up the Actions menu, including Remote Scheduling.

    Scheduling a One-time Capture

    The Device Scheduler includes a range of information to help you schedule a capture recording.

    1. Fill in a Capture Title and Capture Description and select the Session Owner..
    2. Select the Session Owner The default option is the logged in user.
    3. Choose the desired Save Location and enter an optional Publish Location using the dropdown box. Select the desired Profile.
    4. Choose the first recording date, start time and length.
    5. Select whether or not to Live Stream your event.
    6. Change the Label Color if desired. This color identifies the recording on the calendar of scheduled recordings.
    7. Click Add to Schedule.

    Scheduling a Recurring Capture

    The process for scheduling a recurring capture is just like that for a one-time capture, but you will be asked for some additional information.

    1. Fill in all fields as you would for a one-time capture recording.
    2. Click the checkbox labeled Repeat.
    3. Choose the desired Repeat frequency and how often recordings Repeat.
    4. Select the day of the week.
    5. Enter an Ending Date or number of occurrences.
    6. Click OK to return to the Scheduler and complete the scheduling process.

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