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  • Creating a Recording on Apple

    Once you’ve installed Software Capture, you’re ready to begin to record a capture using your Apple computer.

    Accessing Software Capture

    Software Capture is used to record captures on a personal or room computer.

    • Navigate to Create Recording at the top of the screen.
    • Select Software Capture and Start Capture. The installed copy of Software Capture will open on the Apple computer.

    Starting your Recording

    On-demand recordings require only moments to set up and start.

    • Select the desired Course from the dropdown box if desired.
    • Enter a Title and Description for your capture.
    • Choose where to Publish and Save your content.
    • Make any necessary recording selections, including video, audio, screen and broadcasting. You may choose to save these selection as a Profile, but this is not required.

    Recording your Capture

    Once you’ve entered the necessary information, review your video and audio sources and begin the capture.

    • Review the Software Capture screen to check the webcam, screen captures and audio.
    • Press the Start button to begin your capture. When you press the Start button, you’ll have three seconds before recording begins. Use this time to bring up your files or presentation material on-screen, if you’re capturing your screen. Proceed with your capture – try to speak clearly and naturally!
    • Stop your recording by clicking on the Command+Shift+F, the default hotkey sequence or using the Mini-bar in the bottom corner of your screen.


    The Mini-bar provides an easy way, on your screen, to pause or stop a YuJa recording.

    • Press the Pause button to pause the YuJa Software Station. Press Play when ready to resume recording.
    • Select the Stop button to stop your YuJa Software Station recording.

    Deleting, Saving or Publishing Your Capture

    When you complete your recording, you have three options available.

    • Click Post Now to post your recording and save it to the Media Library.
    • Press Delete if you don’t want to keep the file.
    • Choose Save to save your capture recording to your individual folder in the Media Library.