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  • Creating Admin Controlled Profiles

    Shared Profiles allow for Admin or IT Manager-level control of capture recordings using Software Capture and is appropriate for a publicly accessible computer, like a podium computer. For information on downloading and installing Software Capture, click here.

    Completing the Registration of Software Capture

    Once the recorder is installed, there is just one more process to deem the recorder a monitored device, so IT Managers can access it from the Admin Panel ‘s Devices tab. Please see this process below.

    1. Find Software Capture on the device menu tray, and right-click on it. Choose Register.
    2. Input the name of the Registered Device. This is the name that will display in the administrators Device suite and how your team will identify the Device for scheduling purposes. Choose the organization, and decide who should be able to access the Profile.
    3. Click on Register.
    4. Return to the Platform and click on the Admin Panel’s Devices tab. The registered device should display within the suite.

    For more information on managing the device once the registration is complete, please see the supporting article here.

    Setting up the Default Shared Profile

    Creating the Profile is as simple as making a few selections appropriate to the room, including video, audio, screen capture, and broadcasting.

    1. Right click on the YuJa icon in the System Tray. Choose Settings. Select Default Shared Profile.
    2. Select the plus sign next to the drop down for Default Shared Profile. You may also edit a Profile already created directly in the Software Capture application to create a Shared Profile.
    3. Choose the desired video and audio sources for the Profile. Advanced Settings allow for additional customization.
    4. Select whether to capture one or more screens. Choose Advanced Settings to customize screen capture recording.
    5. Decide whether or not to Live Stream your recording and choose whether to notify the group when complete.
    6. Name the Profile. Click Save. The Default Shared Profile will now be available to manage via the Admin Panel and accessible to multiple users of the registered installation of the Software Capture application.