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  • Creating and Managing Channels

    Content Creators can create and manage Channels. All Channels includes all Course or Group media content, and are created when a new Course or Group is created through Courses and Groups or LTI-integration. These Channels are accessible to all Administrators and Content Creators, as well as users who are a member of a Group or Course.

    Creating a Course or Group

    The Platform automates the process of creating an individual Channel. The Channel is created when you create your Platform Course or Group or through the automatic course creation available via LTI-integration. If these have been created via LTI-integration, there is no need to create them manually.

    1. Go to Courses & Groups from the Main Menu.
    2. Select Add Group to create your Group.
    3. Enter the Group Name, Group Code, Section or Term, and choose whether or not to allow Student Publishing to Media Channel for your Group.
    4. Click Create your Group. The Channel will automatically be created when you choose Create your Group.

    Accessing Your Channel

    Each Channel in All Channels contains all video content for an individual Group, including uploaded content, capture recordings and linked video content.

    1. Choose Manage Media at the top of your screen.
    2. Navigate to the desired Channel using the left-side Navigation Bar. First, click All Channels, then scroll to the Channel you wish to manage. In most cases, you will only manage Channels that you have created, unless you are an Administrator. You can also simply search for the desired Channel.
    3. Click Edit Mode to make changes to your Channel.

    Managing your Channel

    There are a number of management options available within Edit Mode.

    1. Choose Upload to add new content. You can upload a video or audio file, or you can link to a YouTube or Vimeo video.
    2. Select the Add Resource option at the top of the Course Channel to add content from another Media Channel folder or My Media. Navigate to the desired folder and file and click Add Resource.
    3. Click on More Actions to access Select All and Get Link options. Select All selects all content within the Channel; this is ideal for transferring the entire course in a single operation. Get Link provides Direct Links and Embed Links for the entire Channel.
    4. Choose New Sub-channel to create a folder within the Channel for increased organization. Enter a name and click Save.

    Publishing from My Media

    You may also manage your Channels by publishing content directly from your My Media folder.

    1. Add content directly from My Media by clicking on the video in My Media. Mouse over the upper right corner of the thumbnail and choose Publish. Choose the desired Channel to publish content.

    Accessing Individual Channels through the Mobile App



    All Channels are easily accessed through the YuJa Mobile App for iOS or Android. All Channels can also be accessed through the Manage Media using your mobile browser.

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