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  • Creating Profiles for the Software Capture for PC Application

    Settings enable access to all saved Profiles accessible to the user account, as well as Configuration settings for the Software Capture for PC application. Configuration Settings are specific to the installation; saved Profile settings are specific to the Profile, rather than the installation of the Software Capture application.

    Accessing Settings 

    Settings are accessible through the System Tray. 

    1. Right click on the Software Capture con in the System Tray.
    2. Choose Settings.

    Creating and Editing Capture Profiles

    Settings enables the user to create a new Profile or to edit any available Capture Profiles, including both individual and Shared Profiles created by the user.

    1. Click on Profiles.
    2. Select a Profile from the dropdown box.
    3. Choose Edit or Delete for an existing Profile.

    Setting Configurations

    Configuration options allow access to Session Inactivity and Recording Options.

    1. Select whether or not to log out of the Software Capture for PC application. If the Never log me out box is not checked, choose the desired time interval for log out.
    2. Choose Recording Options. You may choose whether to Minimize and hide when recording and to Show a hotkey reminder on minimize.

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