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  • Creating Video Assignments in Canvas

    This document provides instructions on how students can use the YuJa Media Chooser to submit their video assignments in Canvas.

    Setting up the Assignment in Canvas

    From the Teacher view, you will create a new assignment under the Online Submission Type.

    1. From the course Navigation Bar, click on Assignments.
    2. From the Assignments summary page, click on +Assignment.
    3. Add a title to the new assignment.
    4. Under Submission Type, select Online from the drop-down menu.
    5. Under Online Entry Options, select Text Entry.
    6. Once you have established the availability for the assignment, select Save & Publish.


    Submitting the Assignment as a Student

    Once the Assignment is established by the course Teacher, students can submit their YuJa content from the assignment summary page.

    1. From the Student view, click on Assignments from the course Navigation bar.
    2. Click on the applicable assignment from the summary page.
    3. Select the Submit Assignment button.
    4. This will open the Canvas content editor with display of the YuJa Media Chooser.
    5. Select the YuJa Media Chooser to find the applicable video assignment to submit.

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