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  • Creating Video Assignments in Moodle

    • On your Moodle course page, click Turn editing on.
    • In the Section where you want the activity to appear, click +Add an activity or resource. The Activity chooser dialog opens.
    • Select the Assignment type within the Activities sidebar and click Add.

    • Configure the assignment including the name, description, availability, etc. You can use the YuJa Media Chooser for Moodle to add or record a video prompt into the Description field of the assignment (see below).

    • If you would like students to submit a video as an Assignment response, ensure that the Online text is checked as a Submission type.

    • The YuJa Media Chooser is compatible with all Moodle Assignment settings including Feedback types, Submission settings, Group submission settings, Notifications, Grade, Common Module Settings, etc. so use the options that are relevant to your Assignment.
    • Once finished setting up the Assignment, click Save and return to course.
    • When students attempt the Assignment, if they use to utilize YuJa to upload or record media, they simply click on the YuJa icon within the Moodle rich-text editor (either Atto or TinyMCE) to load the YuJa Media Chooser for Moodle

    • Within the YuJa Media Chooser for Moodle, students can upload content, initiate a software capture recording, or link content from external sources.

    • To view and grade submissions, On your course page, click the name of an Assignment activity. Below the summary, click View/grade all submissions. The View/grade all submissions page will open.

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