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  • Creating Video Lessons with Moodle

    After you have installed the YuJa Media Chooser within Moodle, Instructors can leverage YuJa to create engaging Lessons for courses within Moodle.

    Creating the Moodle Lesson

    A Moodle Lesson is made up of pages which may have content for the student to watch content and submit short answer responses. The questions can be created by the teacher or imported. The teacher decides the order in which these pages appear.

    • Open the course in Moodle, and select Turn Editing On.
    • Under the list for Add an activity or resource, select the radio button to the left of Lesson.

    • Under General, enter the title of the Lesson.
    • Click on Save and display at the bottom of the page.

    • On the next page, click on the option to Add a question page.
    • On the next page, insert the question, and then click on the YuJa Media Chooser icon to embed the YuJa video that should be associated with the Lesson.

    • Click Save.

    Taking the Moodle Lesson

    Once the student logs in, they can open the Lesson from the course dashboard in Moodle. Once the Lesson is opened, they can play the embedded YuJa video back and submit their responses based on their knowledge of the content.


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