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  • Customizing Media Player Themes

    Media Player Branding allows you to customize the Media Player to the needs of certain courses, departments, and users across your organization. These Branding settings are available to Administrators from the Admin Panel’s Branding menu.

    Creating Media Player Options

    Below are the steps to access the primary Media Player Theme Settings under the Admin Panel. All colors should be entered using the HTML color code.

    1. Log into the Platform as an Administrator, then go to the Admin Panel.
    2. Select Branding from the left-side menu.
    3. Choose the Create New button under the Media Player Theme Settings.
    4. Make selections for the Media Player Theme using for the Primary and Secondary Buttons, Setting Menu, Setting Text, and Play Bar Style.
    5. Select Save.

    Additional Media Player Customization Options

    Once a theme is created, Administrators have additional customization options for advanced tools such as captions and speed intervals.

    1. Choose your previously created Media Player Theme.
    2. Click on the Edit button.
    3. Make all desired Advanced Customization selections.
      Caption Bar Options: The ability to customize caption Font display for viewers in the Media Player.
      Caption Button Options: The ability display or hide which controls are available in the Media Player.
      Speed Options: The ability customize which speed adjustment intervals viewers will have available in the Media Player.

    Accessing the Media Player Theme

    Once the Theme has been saved by the Administrator, it is available to Content Creators from their My Media section. Content Creators can apply the Theme to their videos through the below steps.

    1. Log into the Platform and go to the My Media tab.
    2. Find any one of your uploaded or recorded videos, and select the More… button.
    3. Under the Media Details section, select the option for Player.
    4. Click on the drop-down next to Media Player Branding, and choose the saved theme.
    5. Select Save Player. Once saved, the Media Player theme will display to all viewers who watch the video.

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