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  • Deep Freeze – Adding YuJa to A Dedicated Thawspace

    Below are the steps to ensure that all YuJa recordings are unaffected by Deep Freeze, but establishing a dedicated Thawspace.

    Create the Thawspace within Deep Freeze

    The first step in the process is to create an established Thawspace within Deep Freeze that will be dedicated to the YuJa Software Capture application. Below are the steps to establish this area within Deep Freeze.

    1. On your desktop, open the Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator.
    2. With the Administrator open, select the Drives tab to create new Thawspace.
    3. WIthin the Drives tab, create the new Thawspace under the preferred drive name, and size. Then click the Add button.

    Change the Default Folder Path on the YuJa Software Capture application

    Once the Thawspace is established, you will just change the default path for the YuJa Cache and Upload folder to the designated Thawspace. This will ensure the YuJa recordings will be protected after reboot of the machine.

    1. Right click on the YuJa icon from the system tray and select Settings.
    2. Select System Settings within the popup window. And click on Run As Admin.
    3. Login to the YuJa Software Capture application using your IT Manager credentials.
    4. Click on the Settings button again after login as show:
    5. Click on System Settings again within the popup window.
    6. Change the location of both the Cache and Upload folder to the newly created Thawspace on the machine.