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  • Deleting Users from the Roster

    Users can be deleted one at a time or through multi-select for bulk deletion.

    Deleting a Single User

    Deleting a user removes the user from the Platform, but retains their information in an LMS or other systems.

    1. Select the desired user.
    2. Click on the arrow next to the individual User ID.
    3. Choose the Trash Can icon to delete the user.
    4. Click Yes.

    Using Multi-Select for User Deletion

    A multi-select feature makes it simple to bulk delete users, transferring their media to another user if needed.

    1. Click the checkbox next to User ID to select all listed users.
    2. Unselect individual users and retain their information by unclicking the checkbox next to the user’s name.
    3. Choose Delete Users to delete all selected users.

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