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  • Discussion Feed Overview

    The Discussion Feed provides a way for users to connect, to make and complete assignments, and engage with the others.

    Using the Discussion Feed

    Making a post in the Discussion Feed is a little like updating your Facebook status. You’ll find it’s quick and easy, making it simple to stay up-to-date conversations.

    1. Click on Discussion Feed from the Main Menu.
    2. Click in the Type a Message box to open a full-featured post window. Type your post, adding a subject and text.
    3. Access additional formatting options by clicking on the Settings icon, shaped like a gear.  Choose Formatting. You can add list options, format text in various ways, or use HTML or LaTeX to code your post.
    4. Select File to attach a file to your post. Select Sketch to create and attach a whiteboard-style sketch to your post. Video allows you to create and attach a web capture video.
    5. Choose which group you would like to post to using the dropdown box.
    6. Select the Settings wheel to Save or Discard your post draft. Click on Preview to see your post or on Post to post to the desired group.

    Responding to a Post

    Responding to a post offers the same post options as making a post; however, you’ll access the post form differently.

    1. Click in the box labeled Click here to Reply under the post you wish to respond to.
    2. Create your post. You can access formatting options and attachment options just as you would when you make a new post, but you won’t need to add a subject heading.
    3. Select Preview to review your post or Post to post your reply. There’s no need to select which group you’ll post to.