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  • Discussion Feed Overview

    YuJa’s Discussion Feed provides a way for students and instructors to connect, to make and complete assignments, and engage with the class, whether it’s online, flipped, or in a traditional classroom.

    Accessing the Discussion Feed

    The Discussion Feed is part of YuJa’s suite of learning tools. Users see a chronological feed of all classes, with the most recent posts at the top.

    • Click on Discussion Feed on the YuJa Main Menu.

    Making a Post

    Making a post in the Discussion Feed is a little like updating your Facebook status. You’ll find it’s quick and easy, making it simple to stay up-to-date with class discussions and assignments.

    • Click in the Type a Message box to open a full-featured post window.
    • Type your post, adding a subject and text.
    • Access additional formatting options by clicking on the Settings icon, shaped like a gear. You can add list options, format text in various ways, or use HTML or LaTeX to code your post. You can also save a post draft to post later or discard a post draft.
    • Select File to attach a file to your post. Select Sketch to create and attach a whiteboard-style sketch to your post. Video allows you to create and attach a web capture video.
    • Choose which group you would like to post to using the dropdown box.
    • Click on Preview to see your post or on Post to post to the desired group.

    Responding to a Post

    Responding to a post offers the same post options as making a post; however, you’ll access the post form differently.

    • Click in the box labeled Click here to Reply under the post you wish to respond to.
    • Create your post. You can access formatting options and attachment options just as you would when you make a new post, but you won’t need to add a subject heading.
    • Select Preview to review your post or Post to post your reply. There’s no need to select which group you’ll post to.