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  • Discussion Files

    The Discussion Files folder contains all files posted to the Real-time Discussions. Like other folders on YuJa, the Discussion Files folder is organized into sub-folders. In this case, the different sub-folders represent forum posts with files attached.

    Accessing Discussion Files

    Discussion Files 1

    Discussion Files are available in the Shared Files at YuJa.

    Discussion Files 2

    When you access the Shared Files, you’ll see a Course folder for each enrolled course, as well as the Just You folder.

    Discussion Files 3

    Select the desired Course folder. The Course folder can include multiple folders; however, it will always include a Course Syllabus Files folder and a Discussion Forum Files folder.

    Using the Discussion Forum Files

    Discussion Files 4

    When you open the Discussion Forum Files folder, you will see sub-folders for various posts in the Real-time Discussions. Each folder contains files associated with that post.

    Discussion Files 5

    Click on the files in the Discussion Forum Files folder to download.

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