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  • Downloading a SCORM Package and Uploading to D2L

    A SCORM package is a Shareable Content Object Reference Model and is designed to be effectively shared across various LMS. The package can contain a course or media content. The SCORM package has a completion score associated with it. The score is updated dynamically during viewing.

    Skipping backwards does not reduce your score. However, the score only increases once you have passed the farthest point watched in the video. Skipping ahead to later parts of the video does not increase your score by the amount skipped. If a user watches only 70 percent of the video, that is the maximum score available to that user. Note: This download currently only supports SCORM version 1.2.


    Downloading the SCORM Package

    The SCORM package is accessible through the Media Details pane for individual media files.

    1. Navigate to Manage Media from the top of the screen.
    2. Select the desired Media. Choose More… from the menu at the upper right of the thumbnail.
    3. Click on Downloads. Choose Download SCORM 1.2.


    Uploading the SCORM Package in D2L

    Once the SCORM package is downloaded from the Platform, it must be uploaded to the LMS. You will complete this operation within the D2L interface.

    1. Navigate to the Course Admin menu within your D2L course.
    2. Select Import / Export / Copy Components.
    3. Select the radio button titled Import Components.
    4. Drag the SCORM object zip file from YuJa into D2L’s Import window.
    5. Once the SCORM object has uploaded to D2L, click on the blue View Content button to view the YuJa video.