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  • Downloading from the Media Player

    The Media Player enables users to download Resources, Notes, and even video content, if enabled by the Content Creator.

    Downloading Notes

    Notes are user-created and will be downloaded along with relevant Slide Contents as a PDF file.

    1. Download Notes as a PDF by clicking Download Notes. Notes appear in the PDF alongside the relevant Slide Content. 

    Downloading Resources

    Resources may be accessed and downloaded directly from the Media Player.

    1. Click Resources to open.
    2. Select the double arrows in the upper right corner of the document window.
    3. Choose Download from the menu.

    Downloading Video Content

    Full videos may also be downloaded from the Media Player, if the Content Creator has enabled this option. Content Creators can speed the download process by pre-generating download content from the Media Details Downloads pane.

    1. Click on Settings.
    2. Choose Download Media. You can choose to download either an Audio Podcast or a Video Podcast. For a Video Podcast choose the desired Primary Stream. Click Request Media.  A link will be emailed to the email account associated with your Platform username.