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  • Downloading from the Media Player

    The Media Player enables users to download Resources, Notes, and even video content, if enabled by the content owner.

    Downloading Notes

    Notes are user-created and will be downloaded along with relevant Slide Contents as a PDF file.

    • Download Notes as a PDF by clicking Download Notes. Notes appear in the PDF alongside the relevant Slide Content. 

    Downloading Resources

    Resources may be accessed and downloaded directly from the Media Player.

    • Click the Resource to open.
    • Select the double arrows in the upper right corner of the document window.
    • Choose Download from the menu.

    Downloading Video Content

    Full videos may also be downloaded from the Media Player, if the content owner has enabled this option.

    • Click on Settings.
    • Choose Download Media. You can choose to download either an Audio Podcast or a Video Podcast. For a Video Podcast choose the desired Primary Stream. Click Request Media.  A link will be emailed to the email account associated with your YuJa Enterprise Video Platform username.