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  • Downloading Media

    The Platform allows you to download created content, like your captures, as well as uploaded media using tools available in the Media Library.

    Accessing Download Options

    Whether you’re downloading a capture recording or uploaded content, you’ll access download options in the same way.

    1. Navigate to Manage Media at the top of the screen.
    2. Mouse over the desired video. Click on More… in the upper right corner.
    3. Choose Downloads from the left-side menu.


    Allowing Downloads

    Administrators and Content Creators can choose to allow Viewer downloads through the Media Details popup.

    1. Click Enable under Allow Viewers to Download to allow downloads.
    2. Choose Disable under Allow Viewers to Download if you would prefer to disallow User downloading.
    3. Click Save Downloads to save your changes.


    Downloading Audio Files

    Audio-only file downloads are available for captured and uploaded media. The download process is slightly different for each.

    1. Select Audio Podcast for captured media. Click Request Media to begin downloading.
    2. Choose Download Podcast for uploaded content. An MP3 download will begin immediately.


    Downloading Captured Content

    If you prefer to have all content from your capture recording, including video and audio streams, that is also available.

    1. Choose Video Podcast.
    2. Opt for Separate Files or a Single File.
      • Separate Files will split presentation media into individual files.
      • Single File allows you to choose a primary media and view the other as a picture-in-picture image.
    3. Click Request Media. You’ll receive an email link when your file is ready to download.


    Downloading Uploaded Content

    Uploaded content can be downloaded much like a capture recording, with slightly different choices.

    1. Select the desired media to download.
      • Download Media downloads the converted file in an MP4 format.
      • Download Original downloads the content as uploaded to the Platform.
      • Download Podcast downloads an audio-only podcast.
      • Download HLS downloads an HTTP Live Streaming video file.
    2. Choose your desired save location and click Save to complete the download.