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  • Editing Captions

    The Video Editor facilitates the process of editing the Platform’s Auto-captions; however, users may also choose to manually edit closed captions.

    Editing Captions in the Video Editor

    In most use-cases, the Video Editor provides the fastest and easiest way to edit Auto-captioning for accuracy.

    • Navigate to the desired video in the Media Library User Collection.
    • Mouse over the video thumbnail and select Edit. The Video Editor will open in a new browser tab.
    • Choose the CC button to open captions for editing.
    • Make any desired changes or corrections to the captions.
    • Save your edited video; the Video Editor is fully non-destructive and your edited video will be saved under a new name, usually yourvideoname_edit.

    Editing Captions Manually

    If you prefer to manually edit the Auto-captions, you may download and upload captioning files.

    • Navigate to the desired video in the Media Library.
    • Select More… from the menu in the upper right of the thumbnail.
    • Choose Accessibility.
    • Click on the Download icon next to Captions. The file will download as a .SRT file.
    • Open the .SRT file in a text editor, just like you would a .TXT. Make any desired edits, then save as a .SRT.
    • Select Upload on the Accessibility page. Upload the new .SRT file. You will need to allow the file to overwrite existing captions.