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  • Editing Captions

    The Video Editor facilitates the process of editing the Platform’s Auto-captions; however, users may also choose to manually edit closed captions.

    Editing Captions in the Video Editor

    In most use-cases, the Video Editor provides the fastest and easiest way to edit Auto-captioning for accuracy.

    1. Navigate to the desired media in Manage Media.
    2. Mouse over the video thumbnail and select Edit. The Video Editor will open in a new browser tab.
    3. Choose the CC button to open captions for editing.
    4. Make any desired changes or corrections to the captions.
    5. Save your edited media; the Video Editor is fully non-destructive and your edited media will be saved under a new name, usually yourvideoname_edit.

    Editing Line-by-Line in the Video Editor

    In addition to editing Auto-captioning through the CC feature, you may also edit Auto-captioning line-by-line.

    1. Click directly on the Caption text in the black box below the media.
    2. Make any desired edits to the text. Your changes will save when you save your edited media.

    Editing Captions Manually

    If you prefer to manually edit the Auto-captions, you may download and upload captioning files.

    1. Navigate to the desired media in Manage Media. Select More… from the menu in the upper right of the thumbnail.
    2. Choose Accessibility.
    3. Click on the Download icon next to Captions. The file will download as a .SRT file.
    4. Open the .SRT file in a text editor, just like you would a .TXT. Make any desired edits, then save as a .SRT.
    5. Select Upload on the Accessibility page. Upload the new .SRT file. You will need to allow the file to overwrite existing captions.

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