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  • Editing Video Chapters

    The Video Editor supports editing Video Chapters or the Index associated with media. This is especially useful for longer media recordings.

    Accessing the Video Editor

    The Video Editor provides a user-friendly interface to customize your video chapters.

    1. Click on Manage Media at the top of the screen. Navigate to the desired media in My Media.
    2. Mouse over the video thumbnail and choose Edit.

    Editing Video Chapters

    You may customize Video Chapter headings to meet the needs of viewers and improve the ease of navigation.

    1. Click on the Chapters button at the far right of the screen. The Video Chapter Index is automatically created and populated with content from the auto-captioning associated with the media file.
    2. Click on an individual Title associated with a particular Timestamp to change it. Your changes will not impact the captions or transcript associated with the media file. You may also delete unwanted entries.
    3. Adjust formatting to create a chapter structure. You can choose normal or bold fonts, or may select no indent, a single indent or a double indent.
    4. Alter Timestamps if desired. This can enable you to correctly align the individual headings with your media.