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  • Embedding a Video in OmniUpdate

    OmniUpdate is a web-based Content Management System (CMS) product that hosts web-based content. YuJa-hosted videos and live streams can be embedded/linked directly into OmniUpdate to ensure that all your relevant videos and events are available right from OU Campus.

    Accessing the Embed Code

    You’ll find the Embed Code for your video available through the Media Details page.

    1. Navigate to the Media Library from Manage Media at the top of the screen.
    2. Choose the desired video from the Media Library. Click on More at the upper right.
    3. Select Links.
    4. Copy and paste the Embed Code as desired.


    Getting the Link for a Live Stream

    The links for the Live Stream are available through the Admin Panel’s Devices tab.

    1. Create a pre-scheduled Live Stream. Follow the instructions to schedule your Live Stream.
    2. Click on the Permanent Linkage icon; it looks like an arrow.

    4. Copy and paste the link.


    Inserting URLs into OmniUpdate

    Once you have the link available on your Clipboard, you can insert it into OmniUpdate. Use the following procedure for URLs, but not for Embed Codes.

    1. Go to the desired location for the media in OU Campus.
    2. Click on the Insert/Edit Embedded Media icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar.
    3. If you are in Classic Editor, in the General tab > Type field select Iframe. Paste the file’s URL into the File/URL box.
    4. If you are in JustEdit, paste the URL into the Source field.


    Inserting Embed Codes into OmniUpdate

    If you are working with a published video, rather than a Live Stream, use the following procedure to insert the Embed Code.

    1. Use the Source or Embed Code tab of the Insert/Edit Embedded Media modal to directly post the embed code of your video.
    2. Click Insert or OK to complete process of inserting the Embed Code.

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