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  • Enabling Auto-Start for Your Videos

    The option to add Autoplay to your media ensures your video content “loops” automatically without the viewer having to replay. Below are the instructions to customize either your video’s Direct Link or Embed Code to ensure Autoplay.

    Enabling Autoplay for your Video’s Embed Code

      The custom YuJa suffix of &autostart=1 to the end of the Embed Code’s video ID to ensure the video loops automatically.

    Enabling Autoplay for your Video’s Direct Link

      Add &autostart=1 to the end of the Direct Link for your video to enable Autoplay.

    Exception Note: Chrome Browsers

      While Chrome does support Autoplay, as of April 2018 the Chrome policy is to mute audio by default. Please note that in order to hear audio, users will need to manually unmute within the Media Player.

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