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  • Error Message: Error Has Occurred with Screenshare. Attempting to Restart

    In some cases, individuals and organizations will receive the “Message: Error Has Occurred with Screenshare. Attempting to Restart” error when using Software Capture. This error could occur when the user is not running Software Capture as a Local Admin or the encoder binaries are not set to run as Local Admin.

    Running as a Local Admin

    The following steps will allow you to run the Software Capture as a local admin.

    • Go to your PC’s Search Bar. Choose My Computer or This PC, depending upon your system settings.

    • Open your local disk, typically C:.

    • Open Program Files (x86).

    • Scroll down and open the YuJa folder.

    • Open the YuJa Software Station.

    • Double click on the Libs folder in the YuJa Software Station folder.

    • Open the Media Encoder folder.

    • Double click on the 64 folder.

    • Right click on the YuJa Screen Encoder. Select Properties.

    • Choose the Compatibility tab in the pop up pane.


    • Check the box option for Run this program as an administrator. Click Apply.