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  • Filtering Items in the Organization

    Filter provides the ability to further manage the Organization by unlinking Items or Elements, deleting them, or handling Course management tasks.

    Accessing the Organization Tab

    The Organization tab is accessible by IT Managers through the Admin Panel’s Organization tab.

    • Navigate to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu.
    • Choose the Organization tab from the left-side menu.

    Using the Filter Feature

    IT Managers can manage one or multiple ElementsCourses or Devices by selecting the Filter box.

    • Check the Filter box next to the desired Element or Item. More than one may be checked.
    • Review the new options available. These vary somewhat depending upon the selected item.
    • Click Unlink to remove the Item or Element from the Organization. This does not remove the Item from the Organization, and all content is still available and accessible.
    • Choose Delete to permanently remove the selection from the Platform, not just the Organization. All associated content will be removed.
    • Select Move the Item to place it in a different Element in the hierarchy.

    Managing Courses with Filtering

    All of the options listed above are available for Courses and Groups; however, IT Managers may also Edit Courses or Invite Members from the Organization tab. These options are not available for other types of Items.

    • Select a Course or Group by checking the Filter box.
    • Choose Edit Course to edit the course name, code, term, who can join, and whether students may publish content.
    • Click Save to complete the edits.
    • Choose Invite Members to invite new members to a course.  Enter individual email addresses to invite members or upload a .csv spreadsheet.
    • Click Send Invitations.