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  • Getting Started with Basic Tools

    Video Conference Owners may control all facets of the Video Conference. The Platform offers a number of available tools for Video Conference management. Functional tools in the Video Conference are discussed here; the presentation tools are discussed in their own help documents.

    Setting Up Video and Audio Feeds

    When you enter the Video Conference, you will be asked to make some basic audio and video selections. This window appears automatically when you enter the Video Conference.

    1. Check your Speaker. Use the dropdown to change the Speaker option if desired. Click Play Test Sound to confirm your settings work properly.
    2. Choose the desired Video feed using the dropdown Video box.
    3. Select the desired Microphone. A bar below the Microphone dropdown shows input from your selected Microphone.
    4. Click Enter Meeting

    You may access these video and audio settings at any time from the Settings button at the top of the screen.

    Using Basic Tools

    The basic tools of the Video Conference enable you to choose to share video, to toggle recording on and off, and to mute your microphone. You may also leave the room using these controls. These are located in the lower corner of your screen.

    1. Click Audio or Video to toggle audio and video feeds on and off.
    2. Select Record to turn recording off.
    3. Use Leave Room to leave the Video Conference. End Meeting will end the Video Conference