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  • Getting Started with the Admin Panel

    There are several different Admin Panel tabs, providing information and customization options for administrators.


    • The Overview page first shows a number of Summary Cards,  providing an at-a-glance summary of the activity that’s been happening within their organization.
    • Below these panels, you will see a chronological listing of Events, or normal and abnormal alerts, moving back in time.


    • The Devices page shows registered hardware and software devices.
    • Each device registered to the institution shows Station Name, Type, Status and Actions. The Actions allow you to view the calendar, schedule a recording, see the status of the device, review any errors or deregister the device. In addition, you can set Vacation Periods and Register Hubs from the Devices page. You may also import an XML schedule to create an automated recording schedule.
    • For more information on the Devices page, click here.  Information on Registration, can be found here.


    • The Roster provides information about all registered users. The Roster allows you to access information about users, content owners, and administrators, including Actions to manage individual accounts.
    • For more information on the Roster, click here.


    • The Integrations screen enables you to control LTI-integration settings, SSO integration, and external captioning services.  LTI-integrations settings are shown below.
    • For more information about Integrations, click here.


    • The Platform settings enable administrators to set available tools, permissions and default settings for the organization.
    • For more information about Platform settings, click here.


    • Branding enables the upload of a logo and masthead for your organization, as well as color choices for the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform.
    • For more information about Branding, click here.


    • Accessibility provides information on captioning, including both Auto-captioning and External Captioning.
    • For more information about Accessibility, click here.

    Mobile Devices

    • Mobile Devices sets an auto-login period for mobile device software and offers access to the apps for iPhone and Android. You can also choose to allow Audio Podcast Download.
    • For more information about the Mobile App, click here.

    Storage Quotas

    • Storage Quotas allow IT Managers to set storage amounts by Role or individual users.

    RTMP Stream

    • RTMP Streams are a stable live stream option available to Administrators.
    • For more information on RTMP Streams, click here.


    • Metadata allows you to manage data that describes media content; this includes copyright information. You can manage required data fields, and assess the completion of metadata information.
    • For more information on Metadata, click here.

    System Alert

    • The System Alert enables a one-step email notification of all users; this is an ideal way to notify users of maintenance or emergency announcements.


    • The API Token page provides the ability to generate up to four API tokens for authentication purposes.

    Audit Tracking

    • Audit Tracking provides an easily filtered review of capture events within the Platform.