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  • Getting Started with the Media Library

    The Media Library is a media management system. Administrators, Content Creators, and Viewers will each use the Media Library in different ways. The Media Library allows you to access and manage media content. For more information about the features of the Media Library, watch the Media Library video tutorial.

    Accessing the Media Library

    The Media Library is accessible in a single click, from any page within the Platform.

    • Select Manage Media from the top of the screen.


    Using My Media

    All user-created or uploaded content appears in the individual My Media folder of each user. My Media can be accessed by the individual and by Administrators. My Media provides access to a range of media management tools.


    Uploading Content

    Content can be uploaded to the Media Library. Video, audio and document files can all be uploaded directly; content from Vimeo and YouTube can be linked into the Media Library.

    • Drag files from your Desktop or file browser to the Media Library; uploading will begin automatically.
    • Use the Upload tool to browse for files of various types.


    Publishing Content

    Publishing content adds content to various Media Channels, accessible through Manage Media. These channels include the EnterpriseTube, accessible to everyone without logging in; the Shared Folders, accessible to logged in users with role-based permissions; and All Channels, course- or group-aligned content, accessible to Viewers and Content Creators within the group, as well as all Administrators.

    • Choose the desired video and click on the Settings wheel in the upper right corner. Select Publish and choose the desired Media Channel.


    Sharing Content

    Sharing content provides other users with the ability to access media files. Access can be read-only, edit access or full access. To share content, click on the video and then on Share in the upper right.


    Using Media Details

    The Media Library provides access to management features for individual videos, through Media Details. Click on the desired video in the Media Library, and select More in the upper right. The Media Details pane provides access to metadata, thumbnails, links, security and accessibility features.