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  • Getting Started with Usage and Analytics

    Usage and Analytics provides detailed reports and information about audience engagement and a comprehensive overview of viewing and usage behaviors.

    For more information, see the video on Usage and Analytics.

    Usage & Analytics Options

    • The Overview allows administrators to review Total Storage, Total Bandwidth, Most Active Classes, and Top Videos in a single page.
    • Content lets you look at a range of information about individual videos. Select the desired group and video from the dropdown, then review a details about the content.
    • Users provides information on Active Students, Inactive Students, Popular Videos, and user-by-user activity.
    • Groups lets you look at group statistics, including both discussion group and poll statistics.
    • Events enables administrators and content owners to review attendance on a video-by-video basis.
    • The Visits page reviews information about unique and non-unique users in the institution or enterprise and about registered devices.
    • Storage tracks the use of storage in the YuJa Cloud. It provides both Storage Usage and the number of Stored Objects.
    • Bandwidth tracks bandwidth usage, either overall or on a class-by-class basis.
    • Reports enables the download of Usage and Analytics information.
    • The Grade Book provides access to Quiz scores.