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  • Getting Started with YuJa from within Blackboard

    This guide provides instructions on how users can start using the Platform within their Blackboard courses.

    Accessing from Your Blackboard Courses

    Once the YuJa tool is installed in the course, users can access it from the courses Tools menu with a single-click.

    1. From the My Organization dashboard, click on your course to expand the list of available tools.
    2. Once the course Home Page is open, find the YuJa tool link on the left-hand tool menu.
    3. Single-click on the YuJa tool link, and Blackboard will provision the user to YuJa where you can access all of the YuJa tools within your Blackboard course shell.


    Accessing the YuJa Media Chooser within Blackboard

    Users also have the option to access the YuJa Media Chooser to quickly embed content within Blackboard Discussions, Announcements, Assignments, and more. The Media Chooser is available in all WYSIWYG or “what you see is what you get” visual HTML editors available through Blackboard.

    1. Choose the desired course by accessing the Courses Menu on Blackboard or selecting the Course from the Blackboard Home screen.
    2. Select Announcements or Discussions and create a new post.
    3. Click on the arrow next to Mashups on the WYSIWYG editor. Choose the YuJa Media Chooser.
    4. Once you choose YuJa Media Chooser, you can click on the desired video from the YuJa Media Chooser. A search option is available.

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