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  • Hashtagging and Search Options

    The Platform’s Discussion Feed relies upon hashtags, like the ones you see on Twitter, to enable users to filter and search the Feed.


    In the Social Feed View, hashtags appear below the posts. The hashtags are set by the poster when they write the post, or can be added by the poster or Content Owner later by editing the post.

    1. Open the Post or Reply form. Compose the post as desired.
    2. Type the # symbol, followed by the desired tag.
    3. Click Post to complete the post. Searchable tags will appear below the post.

    Searching the Real-time Discussions

    Hashtagging allows you to search the Discussion Feed.

    1. Click the Search box to access a dropdown list of the hashtags used in the Feed.
    2. Type a search term in the Search box; only hashtags are searchable.